In general, I translate from Spanish to Norwegian (both bokmål and nynorsk).

Translation from Norwegian to Spanish of the novel Skyggedød by Anne Holt (English title and reviews What Dark Clouds Hide)
Lo que esconden las nubes oscuras was published in 2013 by Roca Editorial, Barcelona.
Sample of the translation

Websites and promotional material

During my time at the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) from 2006 to 2010 parts of my tasks as a Web Editor and Communication Adviser were related to content localization and the edition of publications in several languages. For instance, I was in charge of creating aimed at students from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Sample in Spanish:

I was also in charge of editing the publication A Guide to Higher Education and other publications in several languages:
Study Renewable Energy in Norway

Arts, culture and public administration

During my time as responsible of press and communication at the Norwegian Embassy in
Madrid (2000-2006) one of my tasks were translation (ES<>NO) of articles related to cultural promotion (literature, arts, architecture and music), tourism, journalistic articles, official documents (related to politics, law and public administration).

Work samples: translation of texts about the life and work of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (Portal owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), translation of content (articles, news, features) for


I participate in the TED Open Translation Project. My contribution is translating talks into Norwegian (nynorsk).
You will find a sample here.

Citizen media – Social media

I am proud to participate in the Global Voices Lingua Project as a translator. Currently, I am engaged in creating a Global Voices site in Norwegian.
Translation sample: Europa i krise.

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Photography: samples of my photos

I am into visual arts and, especially, photography. Here are some of my amateur photos.

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Text (brochures, reports, articles)

Samples of my work as editor/co-editor/ author of brochures, reports and articles in different languages:

“Barn av la crisis” (Foreldre og barn nr. 9, september 2012)

A Brief Guide to Living in Norway
Petroleum Studies in Norway

Marine Studies in Norway
Renewable Energy: Studies and Research
More Study in Norway publications

Omdømmeundersøkelse blant internasjonale studenter i Norge (2008)

Omdømmeundersøkelse blant internasjonale studenter i Norge (2010)

“Oversettelse av faste uttrykk” (article about translation of idioms in the magazine Språknytt 1/12)

“Internasjonalisering under lupen” (news article
“Utveksler petroleumstudenter med Brasil”
(news article
“Flere internasjonale studenter til Norge – hvorfor?
” (chronicle in Forskerforum)

“Software without Borders” (magazine article)
“A New Concept of Development Cooperation
(magazine article)
“Open Doors to US-Norwegian Cooperation” (news article
“Making a Difference in the Global Education Market” (news article

Building Networks: Cooperation in Research and Higher Education between the Candidates Countries to the EU and Norway (editor)

Exploring Nature and Society: Cooperation in Higher Education and Research between Norway and Russia 2002-2006 (co-editor)

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From 2006 to 2010 I was the editor of (the official gateway to higher education and research in Norway (multilingual)). I worked with both content production/management and development of the site.

From 2000 to 2006 I was web editor of (the official portal of Norway in Spain (bilingual))

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