Text (brochures, reports, articles)

Samples of my work as editor/co-editor/ author of brochures, reports and articles in different languages:

“Barn av la crisis” (Foreldre og barn nr. 9, september 2012)

A Brief Guide to Living in Norway
Petroleum Studies in Norway

Marine Studies in Norway
Renewable Energy: Studies and Research
More Study in Norway publications

Omdømmeundersøkelse blant internasjonale studenter i Norge (2008)

Omdømmeundersøkelse blant internasjonale studenter i Norge (2010)

“Oversettelse av faste uttrykk” (article about translation of idioms in the magazine Språknytt 1/12)

“Internasjonalisering under lupen” (news article siu.no)
“Utveksler petroleumstudenter med Brasil”
(news article siu.no)
“Flere internasjonale studenter til Norge – hvorfor?
” (chronicle in Forskerforum)

“Software without Borders” (magazine article)
“A New Concept of Development Cooperation
(magazine article)
“Open Doors to US-Norwegian Cooperation” (news article siu.no)
“Making a Difference in the Global Education Market” (news article siu.no)

Building Networks: Cooperation in Research and Higher Education between the Candidates Countries to the EU and Norway (editor)

Exploring Nature and Society: Cooperation in Higher Education and Research between Norway and Russia 2002-2006 (co-editor)

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